All Natural Insect Killer

October 5, 2015

Great bug killer, especially for spiders!

I dont want to say I have a spider problem, but I do have more than I would like. I have sprayed this stuff all in my basement and I have now not seen one in weeks.

Just an FYI, this stuff does have a smell, it is not odorless. It goes away after a few hours, it kinda smells like bad glue.


Wine[A]Roon Insulated Bag

September 30, 2015

Awesome product that can be used to sneak alcohol into any concert, party, or festival.

It keeps the liquid cool for what I can see roughly 3 hours, which I would say is exceptional. I havent actually tested if it holds a whole bottle of wine because, well I didnt feel like drinking a whole bottle of win.

It is a quality material, so I don’t foresee ripping of the bag, and it can fit in a purse without issue.

Link to buy product:


Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cable for iPhone

September 30, 2015

A very cool iPhone cable that works with the iPhone 6 without issue. Its cool because of the lights that surround the tip of the charging cable.

It alerts when its charging and when it is 100% charged. The only negative I would write is that it the blue light is always on when it is plugged in. No lights should turn on until it is plugged into the phone.




Etho Active Gamma Gripz – Thick Barbell Grips

September 23, 2015

Great pair of barbell grips that will 100% help produce great grip strength.

I bought these because I wanted to help increase my grip strength and so far it has been doing exactly that. Naturally with these you have to decrease the amount of weight but that is ok when switching up your lifts. I am really digging these grips and recommend them to anyone looking to increase grip strength.

Link to purchase:


Premium Liquid Glucosamine For Dogs

September 18, 2015

Great supplement for your pooch!

I have started putting this is the water of my older dog and he appeared to be walking smoother in roughly 2 weeks. Could not ask for a better supplement for my dog!


Link to buy supplement:


iPhone 6 Battery Case

September 18, 2015

The Fovii iPhone 6 battery case is simply legit. It gives you 3,500 more MaH battery life and actually looks good on your phone.

Gives you at least 2 full charges
Not bulky
Looks good
Charges fast
Not heavy

Makes the phone a little more wide


Beautiful Hand Painted Wine glasses

September 14, 2015

So when I bought these wine glasses I had no idea how huge they really were. However this isnt a bad thing, I was actually looking for very large wine glasses.

These glasses are at least double the size of a standard wine glass, they are beautifully painted and are of a very quality glasses. The glasses are very classy looking, fine china!

The only issue you will have with these glasses is where to store them because theyre so big!

I Would like to thank Valentina for allowing me try these wine glasses at a discounted price for my honest review.


Long Handle (Bath/Shower) Body Brush

September 10, 2015

If anyone is out there looking for a great shower body brush you need to try this one out by Luxy Beauty Care.

The handle is long enough so you can reach any body part, works best for your back.  It made out of a fairly sturdy material so I would not worry about it breaking easily.

I have been using it for weeks and have not any mold growing on it for anything either which is fantastic.

Link to buy the brush:


Styling Clay Pomade To Define, Texturize, Make Hair Feel Fatter Hair Care

September 9, 2015

Anyone looking for a great Clay Pomade for their hair needs to try out this brand.

It keeps your hair in place very well and goes on very smooth.  It is currently my favorite hair product and will continue to use this until I find something better, or even if I find something better.


Link to purchase:


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DKnight Magicbox II Bluetooth speaker

September 7, 2015


If anyone is looking for a great portable bluetooth speaker, you should check out DKnight Magicbox II Bluetooth speaker.

The speaker is simply awesome, it provides some great bass for the size and the sound is phenomenal.

Here is the link to purchase it: